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Arab Theses

Assessment and management of non-revenue water in Gaza city

By: al-Shurafa, Abd al-Rahim Nabil Id al-Fattah. Master; Islamic University; 2019

Arab Theses
Journal Articles

Households’ affordability and willingness to pay for water services in Khan Younis city, Palestine

By: Abu al-Tayf, Mazin Taha; Ghabayen, Said; Abu al-Tayf, Hatim Taha Salim…[et al.]. Journal of Engineering Research and Technology. Vol. 6, no. 2 (Oct. 2019), pp.21-26, 6 p.

Arab Theses
Arab Theses

Feasibility of land reclamation using construction wastes in Gaza

By: Ziyarah, Hasan Nizam Muhammad. Master; Islamic University; 2016

Conference Papers

Brine dispersion modeling for the regional short-term low-volume desalination plant of Gaza Southern governorates

By: Abu al-Tayf, Mazin Taha; al-Najjar, Hasan Shawkat Hasan; Qahaman, Khalid A.. المؤتمر الدولي حول المدن الذكية : آفاق و حلول (2016 : غزة، فلسطين) . pp.12-18, 7 p.

Arab Theses

Environmental Impact of brine disposal to the sea : case study : Deir El-Balah SWRO plant

By: al-Tawil, Hasan Ahmad. Master; Islamic University; 2015

Subjects: Dayr al Balah (Province); Palestine; Saline water conversion plants

Arab Theses

The influence of fertilizers on the soil and groundwater quality in Gaza Strip : free settlements on Khan Younis-case study

By: Abu Abdu, Salah al-Din Muhammad Abd al-Qadir. Master; Islamic University; 2015

Subjects: Analysis; Case studies; Palestine; Fertilizers; Water

Arab Theses
Arab Theses

Optimal energy consumption design of large seawater reverse osmosis systems

By: Siyam, Talib Fakhri Mahmud. Master; Islamic University; 2015

Subjects: Energy conservation; Water conversion

Conference Papers

Potential use of photovoltaic power plants in the Gaza Strip

By: Abu al-Tayf, Mazin Taha; Abu Shaban, Isra; al-Ghussain, Rim…[et al.]. . International Conference on Engineering and Sustainability (5th : 2014 : Gaza, Palestine) . pp.295-300, 6 p.

Conference Papers

Mitigation measures for Gaza coastal erosion

By: Abu al-Tayf, Mazin Taha; Abu Ful, Ahmad M.; Matar, Samir…[et al.]. . المؤتمر الدولي الهندسي : نحو هندسة القرن الحادي و العشرين (4 : 2012 : غزة، فلسطين) . pp.1-13, 13 p.

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