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Assessment the hydrocarbon potentiality of the middle Jurassic Sargelu formation, northern Iraq

By: al-Atrushi, Swar J.; Shirwani, Govand Husayn; al-Naqshabandi, Srud F.. Iraqi Geological Journal. Vol. 53, no. 1A (2020), pp.1-15, 15 p.

Journal Articles

Microfacies and depositional environment of chia gara formation (upper jurassic-lower cretaceous)‎ in Kurdistan region, Northern Iraq

By: Shirwani, Govand Husayn; Idlibi, Iyad Nuri Fiqqi. Iraqi Bulletin of Geology and Mining. Vol. 15, no. 1 (2019), pp.31-42, 12 p.

Subjects: Depositions; Facies; Kurdistan (Iraq)

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