Rafidain Journal of Science

العناوين الأخرى

مجلة علوم الرافدين


جامعة الموصل كلية العلوم

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الملخص الإنجليزي

Rafidain Journal of Science specialized in publishing sober scientific researches in applied and theoretical fields in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Bio-physics and New and Renewed Energies.

Its first copy was issued in 1976, and its stopped in 1982, and returning to publishing once more in 1995 by continuous form till now.

The Journal was at the beginning of its issue quarterly and it issues by two numbers in one year, and at 2009 the Journal became a half quarterly and issues by four numbers in the one year continuously, and by the cause of increasing coming to publishing by the researchers inside and outside of the University, agreements have been obtained to make it to issue by six numbers yearly at the beginning of 2013.

The issued numbers are publishing continuously on the site of the ministry of the higher education and scientific research.

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