International standards for safe management of radioactive waste

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المعايير الدولية للإدارة الآمنة للنفايات المشعة


Bin Zayid, Amirah


Revue Jurisprudence


Vol. 12, Issue (s)- (30 Sep. 2020), pp.507-523, 17 p.


Mohamed Khider University of Biskra Faculty of Law and Political Sciences Laboratory of Impact of the Jurisprudence on the Movement of Legislation

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تعتمد معظم الصناعات الحديثة على الطاقة النووية، و التهديد الذي تشكله النفايات المشعة على الإنسان و الطبيعة ناتج بشكل خاص عن الإشعاع المؤين المنبعث أثناء التحلل الإشعاعي لهذه المواد.

تختلف طرق إدارة النفايات المشعة من الأسهل إلى الأصعب، على المستويين المادي و التكنولوجي.

لم تختلف معاملة القانون الدولي و الوكالة الدولية للطاقة الذرية لأنواع النفايات المشعة.

لأن كل أنواع النفايات المشعة تشكل تهديدا للسلم و الأمن الدوليين.

لذلك من الضروري إدارة النفايات المشعة المتراكمة بأمان.

Abstract EN

Most modern industries rely on nuclear energy, the threat posed to humans and nature by radioactive waste is particularly a result of the ionizing radiation released during the radioactive decay of this material.

All kinds of activities associated with radioactive wastes generated as result of nuclear utilization are often collectively referred to as “radioactive waste management.

”Wastes generated at nuclear facilities converted, through the treatments, to steady-state waste forms ready for disposal.

However, they still maintain the characteristics of the source facilities.

These radioactive wastes in waste forms can classify by the source.

The fundamental steps of managing radioactive waste are treatment, conditioning and disposal.

The methods are from the easiest to the most difficult, on the physical, technological level.

However, the treatment of international law and IAEA did not differentiate between types of radioactive waste.

All radioactive waste poses a threat to international peace and security.

The evaluation of the level of safety of the manage system by comparison with safety criteria is one of the most important purposes of performance assessment.

It is therefore necessary a safely manage radioactive waste accumulated.

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