OER Challenges

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تحديات الموارد التعليمية المفتوحة OER


al-Ḥammud, Kafa Muhammad


Naqd Wa-Tanwir Journal


Vol. 4, Issue 14 (31 Dec. 2022), pp.459-472, 14 p.


مركز نقد و تنوير للدراسات الإنسانية

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Educational Sciences

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This research paper revolves around the challenges of open educational resources.

Due to globalization, the corona pandemic and the transition, the need has increased in developed countries for enrollment rates in education, especially higher education, in addition to the rehabilitation of human resources.

In order to develop their skills, practitioners need to cope with the new characteristics and skills of the teaching profession.

The Arab countries are in dire need to meet the requirements and improve educational outputs according to the new reality.

They face a set of challenges, the most important of which is the Corona pandemic, and the high cost of educational content in its paper and digital patterns such as textbooks, which constitutes an obstacle to large segments of society with limited income, especially higher and middle education, and one of the most prominent challenges they face when using open educational resources is the lack of appropriate devices(laptop/mobile) to be able to receive course content and study using open educational resources, as most countries of the world face the problem of providing high quality education, which leads to the development of the economy and the advancement of the learning process, and the qualification of resources humanity is able to serve it, and facilitate the life of the individual in light of modern changes, but there are opportunities that still exist to raise the level of education and advance it.

Catching up with the global openness movement of educational resources on the International Information network (Internet) is a real opportunity to cope with the challenges and overcome those difficulties.

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al-Ḥammud, Kafa Muhammad. OER Challenges. Naqd Wa-Tanwir Journal. 2022. Vol. 4, no. 14, pp.459-472.

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