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Novel, universality and interculturality : (anthropological point of view)‎

By: Buatu, Bashir. Almodawana. Vol. 8, no. 3 (Special issue) (Sep. 2021), pp.3099-3112, 14 p.

Subjects: Anthropological linguistics; Creativity; Myths (Literature); Novels; Social phenomenon

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A model of integration between literature, history and society in Charles dickens' a tale of two cities

By: al-Nabati, Fatimah al-Zahra. Almodawana. Vol. 8, no. 3 (Special issue) (Sep. 2021), pp.3313-3324, 12 p.

Subjects: Charles Dickens, 1812-1870; French revolution, 1789-1799; Historical novel; Social problems

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A critique against social class in jay Gatsby and Charles Smithson : an oscillation between Fitzgerald's the great Gatsby and Fowles’s the French lieutenant’s woman

By: Daylami, Sabirin Isa. Almodawana. Vol. 8, no. 3 (Special issue) (Sep. 2021), pp.3325-3346, 22 p.

Subjects: Capitalism; Marxism; Social constraints

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Revisiting the morphosyntactic categorization of modals in Jordanian Arabic

By: Malahmah, Muhammad Ali. Mu'tah Lil-Buhuth Wad-Dirasat : Humanities and Social Sciences Series. Vol. 36, no. 4 (2021), pp.13-49, 37 p.

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Acquisition of agreement structures by ghanaian Arabic learners : a processability theory study

By: Husayn, al-Hasan Abd al-Rahim. al-Adab Journal. No. 137 (Jun. 2021), pp.23-46, 24 p.

Subjects: Arabic Language; Harmonics; Language and languages

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Emprunt neologisant dans l'Arabe Algerien

By: Bu Zaydi, Hadiyat; Khadrawi, Errime. Journal of Human Resources Development. Vol. 16, no. 2 (Jun. 2021), pp.929-945, 17 p.

Subjects: Algerian dialect; Arabic Language; Grammar

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Being in the world : an exploration of the interrelation between research in english, thinking skills and problem solving

By: Husayn, Aisha; Korichi, Ouassila. At-Tadwin Review. Vol. 13, no. 1 (2021), pp.385-392, 8 p.

Subjects: Arabic Language; Creative thinking; English Language

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A minimalist-based approach of tense and subject features in standard Arabic and Yemeni Arabic

By: al-Shami, Suad Ali Ahmad; Dkhissi, Yahya. Arts for Linguistic and Literary Studies. No. 10 (Jun. 2021), pp.7-34, 28 p.

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Literary text in the light of the interpretative reading through the translation process

By: Bin Hadi, Zayn al-Abidin; Sghur, Ahlam. Almodawana. Vol. 8, no. 1 (Special issue) (Mar. 2021), pp.187-204, 18 p.

Subjects: Hermeneutics (literature); Linguistic text; Translation

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In search of narratological concepts : the case of Wassini's 'female of mirage ', or the 'who is who ? ' game

By: Abu al-Qrun, Fuad. Almodawana. Vol. 8, no. 1 (Special issue) (Mar. 2021), pp.205-218, 14 p.

Subjects: Narration; Novels; al-Araj, Wasini, 1954-

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Le processus d'intégration des emprunts lexicaux de l'arabe au Français

By: Harig, Bin Mustafa Fatimah al-Zahra. Revue Afak Ilmia. Vol. 13, no. 1 (2021), pp.17-32, 16 p.

Subjects: Disintegration; French language; Lexical grammar; Verbs (Arabic Language)

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The persuasive power of religious metaphor in selected Qur'anic and biblical verses : ontological, structural and orientational

By: Nasir, Haydar Sadiq; al-Rikabi, Ali Badin Muhammad. al-Adab Journal. No. 135 (First supplement) (Dec. 2020), pp.11-32, 22 p.

Subjects: Gospel; Metaphor; Persuasion; Quran; Religious text

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The methodology of translating a legal public service document in Algeria : translating of‘work permit’ from Arabic to English

By: Bira, Ahlam; Bu Raqbi, Salih; Bougherira, Nuaymah. In Translation. Vol. 7, no. 1 (2020), pp.132-148, 17 p.

Subjects: Arabic Language; English Language; English Translation; Translation

Arab Theses

Toward an Arabic essay grading benchmark for machine learning

By: al-Ziyadat, Rawan Abd al-Halim. Master; Middle East University; 2020

Subjects: Arabic Language; Automatic Essay Grading; Data

Arab Theses

Code-switching among the inhabitants of Amman Jordan : domains, reasons and attitudes

By: al-Nashshash, Buthaynah Abd al-Aziz. Master; Middle East University; 2020

Subjects: Arabic Language; English Language; Jordan; Local dialects

Arab Theses

Translation of feminine expressions in Surat AnNisa : problems and strategies

By: Quzmar, Fadwa Husni. Master; Middle East University; 2020

Subjects: Arabic Language; English Language; Sūrat al-Nisā’; Translation; Words of Quran

Arab Theses

The impact of Hebrew on spoken Arabic in the Northern Areas of the West Bank Palestine : a case study of Palestinian workers working in the occupied Palestinian territories in 1948

By: Inkhili, Nifin Burhan. Master; Middle East University; 2020

Subjects: Arabic Language; Effect; Hebrew language; Terms

Arab Theses

Challenges that translators encounter when translating political texts and speeches from English into Arabic

By: Wasij, Rawsan Karim. Master; Middle East University; 2020

Subjects: Arabic Language; English Language; Political speeches; Translation

Arab Theses

The linguistic situation among the Iraqi Turkmen of Kirkuk : a sociolinguistic study

By: Diya, Sarah Muhammad Sana. Master; Middle East University; 2020

Subjects: Arabic Language; Sociolinguistics; Turkmen languages; Turkmens

Journal Articles

Pragmatic study of congratulation responses in Iraqi Arabic

By: al-Khaliq, Arwa Luayy Abd. College of Basic Education Researches Journal. Vol. 16, no. 4 (2020), pp.1121-1138, 18 p.

Subjects: Arabic Language; Congratulations; Speech acts

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A comparative study of adjective phrases in Persian and Arabic based on X-bar theory

By: Dianat, Layla; Zari, Afarin. Journal of Babylon Center for Humanities Studies. Vol. 10, no. 4 (2020), pp.15-30, 16 p.

Subjects: Arabic Language; Persian language

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The dialectic of reciprocal impact between Arabic and ُEnglish : Egyptian colloquial Arabic as a model

By: Muhammad, Amani Hamid. Journal of Scientific Research in Arts. No. 21, p. 9 (2020), pp.121-143, 23 p.

Subjects: Arabic Language; Cultural identity; Egyptian society; English Language

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Chomsky's theory of minimalist as framework in analyzing wh- movement in modern standard Arabic language

By: al-Ghazzali, Tawfiq Abd al-Amir Hashim. Adab al-Kufa. No. 45, p. 2 (Oct. 2020), pp.615-628, 14 p.

Subjects: Arabic Language; Chomsky, Noam, 1928-; Chomsky’s theory; Grammar ( Arabic language); Present tense

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The influence of the components of nation building on language, with reference to the Kurdish language

By: Ibrahim, Sangar Uthman; Jukil, Ali Mahmud; Beckett, Gulbahar. ZANCO Journal of Humanity Sciences. Vol. 24, no. 5 (2020), pp.231-243, 13 p.

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A stylistic analysis of the arabic advertising discourse : the case of 'ennahar' newspaper in Algeria

By: Mubaraki, Amal. Journal of Arabic Language Sciences and Literature. Vol. 12, no. 2 (Sep. 2020), pp.2082-2099, 18 p.

Subjects: Algeria; Arabic Language; Newspapers; Speeches; Technical method

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An optimality-theory analysis of lexical disorders in the speech of Iraqi aphasic patients : a case study

By: al-Madhhaji, Nimat Allah Nasir Faris; al-Samir, Muhammad Ahmad Abd al-Sattar. Adab al-Basrah. No. 93 (2020), pp.29-57, 29 p.

Subjects: Iraq; Language competence; Patients; Speech; Words (Arabic language)

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Iraqi women untold war stories a comparative : study of heather Raffo's nine parts of desire and Ali Abdul Nabi al-Zaidi's summer rain

By: Ghena, Hanna Khalaf. Adab al-Rafidayn. Vol. 50, no. 82 (Sep. 2020), pp.1-24, 24 p.

Subjects: Armed conflicts; Comparative studies; Iraqi drama; Iraqi woman

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An analytical study of Arabic culture-bound expressions in (Ziqaq Al-Midaq)‎ by Najeeb Mahfooz with reference to translation

By: Muhammad, Isam Tahir. Adab al-Rafidayn. Vol. 50, no. 82 (Sep. 2020), pp.25-54, 30 p.

Subjects: Arabic culture; Egyptian novel; Literary translation; Literary works; Zaqaq almadaqi / Najib Mahfuz

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A critical discourse analysis of two Iraqi politicians' speeches in terms of Van Dijk's Socio-cognitive model

By: Nasih, Rawa Khidr; Abbud, Zaydun Abd al-Razzaq. Journal of Basrah Researches : Humanities. Vol. 45, no. 3 (Oct. 2020), pp.1-16, 16 p.

Subjects: Dijk, Van; Discourse analysis; Iraqi politicians; Political discourse; Prime minister

Journal Articles

Antonymy in Surat al-Baqara

By: Hasan, Ala Yasin. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. Vol. 4, no. 7 (Jul. 2020), pp.120-150, 31 p.

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Reading for translation : the cognitive comprehension strategies employed in the translation process

By: Lazim, Nada Diya; al-Imarah, Falih S.. Adab al-Basrah. No. 92 (2020), pp.1-106, 106 p.

Subjects: Reading; Reading comprehension; Translation

Journal Articles

Grammatical relations in standard Arabic : a cognitive perspective

By: Husayn, Ali Muhammad; Sadkhan, Ramadan Muhalhil. Adab al-Basrah. No. 92 (2020), pp.149-186, 38 p.

Subjects: Arabic Language; Classical language; Grammar ( Arabic language)

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Arabic sentiment analysis (ASA)‎ using deep learning approach

By: al-Bayati, Abd al-Hakim Qusai Ali; al-Araji, Ahmad Sabah Abd al-Amir; Amin, Saman Hamid. Journal of Engineering. Vol. 26, no. 6 (Jun. 2020), pp.85-93, 9 p.

Subjects: Analysis; Arabic Language; Emotions; Machine learning; Websites

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The translation of English comment clauses in Shakespeare's Othello into Arabic

By: Muhammad, Layth Nawfal. Al-Ustath Journal for Human and Social Sciences. Vol. 59, no. 2 (Jun. 2020), pp.41-52, 12 p.

Subjects: Arabic Language; English Language; Sentence (Arabic language); Translation

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Statut morphologique des marqueurs d'objet complément du nom en arabe

By: Muammari, Mahmud Fawzi. AL-Lisaniyyat. Vol. 26, no. 1 (Jun. 2020), pp.483-505, 23 p.

Subjects: Arabic Language; Inflection (Arabic Language); Nominals; Verbs (Language)

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Proposing an Arabic letters coding system for different programming languages

By: Rahmah, Abd al-Munim S.; Hammud, Maha A.; Jumah, Nada Ahmad. al-Mansour. No. 33 (2020), pp.84-108, 25 p.

Subjects: Arabic Language; Arabic alphabet; Software

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La traduction : types, méthodes et difficultés

By: al-Tamimi, Haydar Abd al-Husayn Sad. Adab al-Kufa. Vol. 1, no. 43 (2020), pp.703-720, 18 p.

Subjects: Difficulties; Translation; types

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Gender and supportive moves of criticism : evidence from Iraqi-Arabic and Malay speech communities

By: Ali, Shuruq Abbudi. Journal of the College of Languages. No. 42 (Jun. 2020), pp.27-50, 24 p.

Subjects: Arabic Language; Colloquial Arabic dialects; Iraq; Malaysian language

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Indirectness in Arabic-speaking Efl learners' writing : a cultural perspective

By: Drid, Touria. Review of Psychological and Educational Studies. Vol. 13, no. 3 (Jun. 2020), pp.398-414, 17 p.

Subjects: Academic writing; Arabic Language

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The effectiveness of a proposed program based on english for specific purposes in developing reading comprehension skills and attitudes towards learning EFL among student-teachers of Arabic language

By: Hashim, Layla. Journal of Scientific Research In Education. No. 21, p. 4 (Apr. 2020), pp.350-371, 22 p.

Subjects: Arabic Language; Female students; Positive effect; Reading comprehension; Skills

Journal Articles

Metaphors of body parts in the holy Qur'an

By: al-Musa, Mashari Abd al-Aziz Muhammad. Journal of Scientific Research in Arts. No. 21, p. 3 (Apr. 2020), pp.89-103, 15 p.

Subjects: Arabic Language; Human body; Metaphor; Quran

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The melting pot or the salad bowl ? : a Bhabhian reading of Yussef el Guindi's pilgrims Musa and Sheri in the new world

By: al-Bardisi, Rim Ahmad. Journal of Scientific Research in Arts. No. 21, p. 3 (Apr. 2020), pp.104-135, 32 p.

Subjects: Arab Immigrants; Ethnic groups; Intercultural communication; Plays

Journal Articles

Strategies of translating lexical collocations in literary texts from English into Arabic

By: Mansar, Abduh Ahmad Ali. Arts for Linguistic and Literary Studies. No. 5 (Apr. 2020), pp.7-34, 28 p.

Subjects: Arabic Language; English Language; Linguistic text; Words

Journal Articles

Prepositional verbs : formal writing dilemma. a study case…… or prepositional verbs : a comparative study of Arabic and English

By: Mahmud, Lubab Ziyad; Jasim, Ahkam L.. College of Basic Education Researches Journal. Vol. 16, no. 2 (2020), pp.1167-1174, 8 p.

Subjects: Arabic Language; Case studies; Comparative studies; English Language

Journal Articles

The syntax and semantics of pronoun reference in the Holy Quran

By: Abd al-Hamid, Abu al-Hasan Muhammad. Journal of The Faculty of Arts, Assiut University. Vol. 23, no. 74 (Apr. 2020), pp.311-346, 36 p.

Subjects: Arabic Language; Grammar; Quran

Journal Articles

L'économie de la connaissance et son rôle dans la préservation des communautés francophones à l'université internationale d'afrique

By: Tum, Itidal Muhammad. Journal of Non-Arabic Speakers. Vol. 3, no. 5 (Apr. 2020), pp.101-133, 33 p.

Subjects: International University of Africa (Khartoum, Sudan); Knowledge economy

Journal Articles

Analysis of the expressions of acceptance of sickness in Jordanian Arabic in light of Islamic and Arabic culture : a socio-psychological approach

By: al-Abd Allah, Maram; al-Ramadan, Raidah. Association of Arab Universities Journal for Arts. Vol. 17, no. 1 (2020), pp.367-386, 20 p.

Journal Articles

Investigating the agentive and agentless problem of passive in English and their impact on the translation into Arabic

By: Isa, Sarmad Muhammad; Naji, Hasan Ali. Ishraqat Tanmawya. No. 22 (Mar. 2020), pp.21-44, 24 p.

Subjects: Arabic Language; English Language; Grammar; Passive voice; Translation

Journal Articles

Modal interaction in interfaith dialogue : a semiotic study

By: al-Khazali, Musab Abd al-Zahrah; al-Salami, Shamim Nazim. Adab al-Kufa. No. 42, p. 1 (2020), pp.761-776, 16 p.

Subjects: Expression; Interfaith Dialogue; Language Studies; Semiology

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Study of the current state and practice of Arabic Language education in academic departments : case study : Arabic Language and Islamic studies department of Takhar University

By: Ghafuri, Sharif Allah; Munib, Ayn al-Din. International Journal for Arabic Linguistics and Literature Studies. Vol. 2, no. 1 (Mar. 2020), pp.33-45, 13 p.

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