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Social investment social clinic project model

By: Matar, Hazim Muhammad Ibrahim. . Vol. 23, no. 2 (2021), pp.15-32, 18 p.

Subjects: Bahrain; Egypt; Family; Social problems; Social worker

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Social activity and social responsibility among students in the preparatory stage

By: Abd al-Hakim, Khayrat Sayyid; Adam, Salah Abd al-Hakim Ahmad. . Vol. 23, no. 2 (2021), pp.33-59, 27 p.

Subjects: Middle school students; Social activities; Social responsibility

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Social challenges affecting academic women's research achievements : an applied study to female staff members at the faculty of arts, Imam Abdul Rahman Bin Faisal university

By: al-Sayyid, Muna Taha Mahrus; Hasan, Asma Hasan Umran. . Vol. 23, no. 1 (2021), pp.71-121, 51 p.

Subjects: Saudi Arabia; Social challenges; Social role; Women Researcher

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Family quality of life and its relationship to negative emotions as an indicator of social work intervention with siblings of individuals with intellectual disabilities

By: Shahin, Muhammad Mustafa Muhammad. . Vol. 23, no. 1 (2021), pp.123-174, 52 p.

Subjects: Family life; Mentally disabled; Quality of life; Social service; al-Sharqiyah (Province)

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Participatory planning and social protection for children found in the residential institutions

By: Bleih, Mukhlis Ramadan Muhammad Ahmad. . Vol. 23, no. 1 (2021), pp.175-229, 55 p.

Subjects: Algeria; Childcare; Homeless children; Residential Institutions; Social protection

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Social planning and addressing the social and psychological problems of university youth using virtual communities

By: Matar, Hazim Muhammad Ibrahim. . Vol. 23, no. 1 (2021), pp.231-247, 17 p.

Subjects: Psychological problems; Social Planning; Social problems; Virtual communities; Youth

Journal Articles

Manners and traits of the ancient Egyptians during the new kingdom

By: Abduh, Hibah Allah Subhi Ibrahim. Journal of Association of Arab Universities for Tourism and Hospitality. Vol. 19, no. 1 (Dec. 2020), pp.1-11, 11 p.

Subjects: Ancient Egypt; Egypt; Social life

Journal Articles

Le travail de nuit en algérie : un problème d'equilibre entre vie familiale et vie professionnelle

By: Mamuni, Fatimah Zahra. Revue de Droit et Société. Vol. 8, no. 2 (2020), pp.528-552, 25 p.

Subjects: Algeria; Family life; Internal system; Law; Night work

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Evaluation de l'influence des caracteristiques sociodemographiques sur les taux de sortie de chomage

By: Husayni, Abd al-Karim. Revue Reformes Economiques et Intégration En Economie Mondiale. Vol. 14, no. 1 (Bis) (2020), pp.31-43, 13 p.

Subjects: Population characteristics; Social aspects; Unemployment

Journal Articles

Chronic pain acceptance and social support among patients with chronic disease

By: Fulayyih, Ashraf Muwaffaq; Radif, Sayf Muhammad. Al-Ustath Journal for Human and Social Sciences. Vol. 59, no. 4 (Dec. 2020), pp.43-62, 20 p.

Subjects: Chronic diseases; Chronic pain; social support:

Journal Articles

The transparency and disclosure among the ِAlgerian insurance sector and its impact on the corporate social responsibility

By: Belgat, Amirah; Hamana, Kamil. Revue de I'nstitut des Scienses Économiques. Vol. 23, no. 2 (2020), pp.1393-1412, 20 p.

Subjects: Accounting disclosure; Algeria; Corporate social responsibility; Insurance sector

Journal Articles

Social skills improvement in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

By: al-Shammari, Dalal; Bahaikm, Ahad; Barnawi, Moana. Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation. Vol. 11, no. 39, p. 2 (Nov. 2020), pp.1-18, 18 p.

Subjects: Children; Private education; Skills; Social skills; Students

Journal Articles

Sociodemographic Correlates of Alcohol Abuse in Kassena-Nankana Municipality, Ghana

By: Anyinzaam-Adolipore, John Nyaaba; Hammersley, Richard H.; Alhassan, Abdul Rauf. Journal of Addiction. No. 2020 (2020), pp.1-7, 7 p.

Journal Articles

Development of corona virus morbidity, recovery and fatality rates in Egypt and the world: a study in medical geography

By: al-Sabawi, Muhammad Nur al-Din Ibrahim. The Egyptian Journal of Environmental Change. Vol. 12, no. 2 (Oct. 2020), 11 p.

Subjects: Coronavirus; Egypt; Medical geography

Journal Articles

Prevalence of Alcohol Use and Associated Factors among Dilla University Students, Dilla Town, Southern Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional Study

By: Chekole, Yigrem Ali; Hammersley, Richard H.. Journal of Addiction. No. 2020 (2020), pp.1-8, 8 p.

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Schizotypy but not Cannabis Use Modestly Predicts Psychotogenic Experiences: A Cross-Sectional Study Using the Oxford-Liverpool Inventory of Feelings and Experiences (O-LIFE)‎

By: Airey, Nicola D.; Hammersley, Richard; Racz, Ildiko…[et al.]. Journal of Addiction. No. 2020 (2020), pp.1-7, 7 p.

Journal Articles

De l'attache à la tache : l'anorexie mentale à l'adolescence. présentation d'un cas clinique

By: Dehane, Amal. Journal of Psychological and Educational Sciences. Vol. 6, no. 3 (2020), pp.313-328, 16 p.

Subjects: Anorexia nervosa; Educational Psychology; Teenagers

Journal Articles

Clinical pragmatics

By: al-Hindawi, Farid Hamid; al-Khazali, Ala Baji. Adab al-Kufa. Vol. 1, no. 44 (2020), pp.733-746, 14 p.

Subjects: Linguistics; Pragmatics; Pragmatism; Social connectedness

Journal Articles

Traffic congestion in the city of Hilla (Iraq)‎ : causes and remedies

By: al-Hamid, Amirah Muhammad Ali; al-Qatrani, Firas Sami Abd al-Aziz. The Arab Gulf Journal. Vol. 48, no. 3 (Sep. 2020), pp.1-28, 28 p.

Subjects: Causes; Curing; Hillah (city); Traffic congestions

Journal Articles

Indice gravitaire de mobilité et flux inter-communes à Alger : étude typologique

By: Mimune, Nirmin; Bin Amirush, Rashid. Revue des Sciences Economiques, de Gestion et Sciences Commerciales. Vol. 13, no. 2 (Special Issue) (2020), pp.138-149, 12 p.

Subjects: Algeria; Mobility; Municipalities; groups

Journal Articles

An analytical approach to the cooperation and partnership mechanisms of local communities the experience of the kingdom of morocco versus the algerian between discrimination and differentiation

By: Ammari, Zuhir; Hebal, Abd al-Nur. Revue des Sciences Economiques, de Gestion et Sciences Commerciales. Vol. 13, no. 2 (Special Issue) (2020), pp.175-189, 15 p.

Subjects: Algeria; Community; Morocco; Participation

Journal Articles

E-payment systems risks, opportunities, and challenges for improved results in e-business

By: Nasr, Muhammad Hasan; Farraj, Muhammad; Nasr, Muna Muhammad. International Journal of Intelligent Computing and Information Sciences. Vol. 20, no. 1 (Jul. 2020), pp.16-27, 12 p.

Subjects: Electronic commerce; Fulfilling electronic

Journal Articles

ADHD is like a bat-it is neither a bird nor an animal : Saudi parents discourses about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

By: al-Harbi, Rabab Salih. International Journal of Research in Educational Sciences. Vol. 3, no. 3 (Jul. 2020), pp.500-528, 29 p.

Subjects: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder; Children; Fathers; Saudi Arabia

Journal Articles

Surveying the Effect of Opioid Abuse on the Extent of Coronary Artery Diseases in Diabetic Patients

By: Moezi Bady, Seyyed Ali; Soltani, Maryam; Conway, Brian…[et al.]. Journal of Addiction. No. 2020 (2020), pp.1-5, 5 p.

Journal Articles

Mobilité urbaine et organisation du système de transport en commun à Tizi Ouzou : quel diagnostique et quelles perspectives ?

By: Luani, Kahina; Kubaysh, Abd al-Hakim. Revue Sciences Humaines. Vol. 31, no. 2 (Jun. 2020), pp.545-563, 19 p.

Subjects: Public transport; Tizi Ouzou (city); Urban transport

Journal Articles

La mobilité pour les études universitaires dans la ville nouvelle Ali Mendjeli : lecture et analyse des flux de déplacements

By: Asharard, Sabirina; Bu Karzazah, Husni. Revue Sciences Humaines. Vol. 31, no. 2 (Jun. 2020), pp.565-581, 17 p.

Subjects: Ali Manjali (City); Transportation; University students

Journal Articles

Disours de l'amour et du mariage : entre identité sociale et fondements sociaux

By: Kahlat, Najwa. Revue Sciences Humaines. Vol. 31, no. 2 (Jun. 2020), pp.611-624, 14 p.

Subjects: Cultural identity; Love; Marriage; Social conditions

Journal Articles

La communication des acteurs sociaux locaux sur l’environnement en Algérie Réflexions sociologiques sur la communication de concertation environnementale Cas de la région Kabyle

By: Saduni, Tawfiq. Revue Sciences Humaines. Vol. 31, no. 1 (Jun. 2020), pp.601-614, 14 p.

Subjects: Algeria; Clans; Communication; Shura; Social groups

Journal Articles

Gender identity : transgender

By: Qurayshi, Abd al-Razzaq. Journal of Psychological and Educational Sciences. Vol. 6, no. 2 (2020), pp.399-409, 11 p.

Subjects: Effeminacy; Gender Identity; Research Methodology

Journal Articles

Immigration into the United States of America : impact and attitudes (from the 17th century to the recent period)‎

By: BiQadduri, Fawziyah. Revue Rawafid : des Etudes et Recherche Scientifiques en Sciences Sociales et Humaines. Vol. 4, no. 1 (Jun. 2020), pp.358-368, 11 p.

Journal Articles

Planning and optimal design of the outdoor open spaces of kindergartens in Basrah governorate, Iraq : a case study of al-Yassemin and al-Ashar kindergartens

By: al-Dhiyabi, Zahra Abd Allah Nasir; al-Samirrai, Samirah. Basrah Journal of Agrricultural Science. Vol. 33, no. 1 (2020), pp.50-67, 18 p.

Subjects: Basrah (Governerate); Case studies; Educational process; Primary education; Social awareness

Journal Articles

Quality of life among elderly at primary health care centers in al-Amara city

By: al-Ubaydi, Ghazwan Abd al-Husayn; Naji, Arkan B.. Kufa Journal for Nursing Sciences. Vol. 10, no. 1 (2020), pp.1-8, 8 p.

Subjects: Amarah (city); Educational level; Elderly; Primary health care; Quality of life

Journal Articles

Impact of organizational culture on organizational citizenship behavior in hotels : the mediating role of affective commitment

By: Sulayman, Samih Jamal Sad; Hasanayn, Ahmad Muhammad. Journal of Association of Arab Universities for Tourism and Hospitality. Vol. 18, no. 3 (Jun. 2020), pp.199-209, 11 p.

Subjects: Emotional objectives; Hotels; Organizational behavior; Organizational citizenship; Organizational culture

Journal Articles

Predictors affecting breast self-examination practice among Jordanian female university students

By: al-Sarayirah, Arwa Mahmud; Awwad, Muhammad Dar. Mu'tah Journal for Research and Studies : Natural and Applied Sciences Series. Vol. 35, no. 1 (2020), pp.63-80, 18 p.

Subjects: Breast cancer; Epidemiology of breast cancer; Female students; Jordan; University students

Journal Articles

Predictors of Alcohol Use in Safety-Net Primary Care: Classism, Religiosity, and Race

By: Trujillo, Michael A.; Perrin, Paul B.; Gruber, Staci A.…[et al.]. Journal of Addiction. No. 2020 (2020), pp.1-10, 10 p.

Journal Articles

Testing the Constraint Theory of Addiction: Cannabis Constraints Discriminate Users from Nonusers and Heavy from Light Users

By: Hammersley, Richard; Holmes, Nick; Racz, Ildiko…[et al.]. Journal of Addiction. No. 2020 (2020), pp.1-9, 9 p.

Journal Articles

Virtual Nature as an Intervention for Reducing Stress and Improving Mood in People with Substance Use Disorder

By: Reynolds, Lori; Rogers, Oaklee; Becona, Elisardo…[et al.]. Journal of Addiction. No. 2020 (2020), pp.1-7, 7 p.

Journal Articles

Assessment of Exposure to Sexually Explicit Materials and Substance Abuse among High-School Adolescents in North Shewa Zone: Application of Logistic Regression Analysis

By: Woldeamanuel, Berhanu Teshome; Anteneh, Leul Mekonnen; Conway, Brian…[et al.]. Journal of Addiction. No. 2020 (2020), pp.1-13, 13 p.

Journal Articles

Prevalence and Factors Associated with Current Cigarette Smoking among Ethiopian University Students: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

By: Bifftu, Berhanu Boru; Becona, Elisardo; Gelaw, Yared Mulu…[et al.]. Journal of Addiction. No. 2020 (2020), pp.1-10, 10 p.

Journal Articles

Peak factors for sewerage system in upper Egypt communities

By: Tuni, Muhammad; Musad, Muhammad; al-Itrabi, Hisham. Mansoura Engineering Journal. Vol. 45, no. 1 (Mar. 2020), pp.7-11, 5 p.

Subjects: Egyptian society; Peak load; Sewage.

Journal Articles

Malaise dans le processus identificatoire chez la femme abortive discomfort in the identification process with abortive woman

By: Luyba, Samiyah; Najib, Nini Muhammad. Journal of Psychological and Educational Sciences. Vol. 6, no. 1 (2020), pp.312-325, 14 p.

Subjects: Containment; Identity; Miscarriage; Projective test; Woman

Journal Articles

The reality of knowledge management in organizations : greater Amman municipality experience

The Social Empowerment. Vol. 2, no. 1 (Mar. 2020), pp.279-296, 18 p.

Journal Articles

You shall hear the nightingale sing on as if in pain : the dilemma of domestic violence in Susan Glaspell’s Trifles

By: Jawad, Inas Jafar. Journal of the College of Education for Women. Vol. 31, no. 1 (Mar. 2020), pp.25-36, 12 p.

Subjects: Family violence; Glaspell, Susan, 1876-1948; Paternalism; Trifles [play] \ Susan Glaspell

Journal Articles

The impact of mothers' education on aggression among adolescents

By: Hasan, Taqi Yunus; al-Diwan, Jawad Kazim. Journal of the Faculty of Medicine Baghdad. Vol. 62, no. 1-2 (2020), pp.34-35, 2 p.

Subjects: Aggressiveness; Educational level; Mothers; Teenagers

Journal Articles

Determining the Impact of the Opioid Crisis on a Tertiary-Care Hospital in Central New York to Identify Critical Areas of Intervention in the Local Community

By: Riddell, S. W.; Wang, Dongliang; Becona, Elisardo…[et al.]. Journal of Addiction. No. 2020 (2020), pp.1-7, 7 p.

Journal Articles

La protection sociale de l'enfant en danger selon la loi 15-12

By: Bashir, Muhammad. Revue d’Etudes Juridiques. Vol. 6, no. 1 (Jan. 2020), pp.199-215, 17 p.

Subjects: Algeria; Children; Law; Social protection

Journal Articles

Is Long-Term Benzodiazepine Use a Risk Factor for Cognitive Decline? Results of a Systematic Review

By: Nader, Danilo; Racz, Ildiko; Gowing, Linda. Journal of Addiction. No. 2020 (2020), pp.1-10, 10 p.

Journal Articles

The immigration of the Algerian youth to Europe : causes and effects

By: Hamidi, Suad. Pensée Méditerranéenne, Revue des Recherches et les études sur le dialogue des religions et des civilisations. Vol. 8, no. 2 (2019), pp.150-159, 10 p.

Subjects: Algeria; Europe; Immigration; Youth

Journal Articles

La protection de l’enfant en Algérie à l’égard de la convention internationale des droits de l’enfant (CIDE)‎

By: Mukhtari, Fatihah. Revue El Nadwa D'études Juridiques. No. 20 (Special issue) (Dec. 2019), pp.106-122, 17 p.

Subjects: Algeria; Child Rights; Protection; international obligations

Arab Theses

The role of the international and nongovernmental organizations in the recovery of the education sector after the Israeli aggression (2014)‎ on the Gaza Strip : case study : higher education institutions

By: Muhammad, Khaldun Khalid Muhammad. Master; Islamic University; 2019

Subjects: Education; Gaza Strip; Gaza War, 2014; International nongovernmental organizations

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