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Flouting the cooperative principle of the Biden-Trump (2020)‎ first presidential debate : a pragmatic analysis

By: Ali, Ula Walid; Abd al-Munim, Firas Jawad. Journal of Human Sciences. Vol. 28, no. 3 (Sep. 2021), pp.1-26, 26 p.

Subjects: Biden, Joseph Robinette, 46, President of the United States, 1942-; Debates; Trump, Donald, 45, President of the United States, 2017-

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A social-political content analysis of Syrian migrants' reports prior and subsequent to the death of Alan Kurdi

By: Libal, Anfal; Hamani, Surayah. Algerian Review of Security and Developement. Vol. 10, no. 3 (Jul. 2021), pp.1150-1161, 12 p.

Subjects: Content analysis; Immigrants; Political discourse; Social discourse; Syria

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George W. Bush and Barack Obama's policies towards the 'new middle east' : promoting democracy or destroying social peace ?

By: Baghiani, Amirah; Kaouli, Nadir. Algerian Review of Security and Developement. Vol. 10, no. 3 (Jul. 2021), pp.1162-1174, 13 p.

Subjects: Bush, George W., 43, President of the United States, 2001-2009; Democracy; Middle East; Obama, Barack, 44, President of the United States, 2009-2017; Social peace

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Illegal immigration : a European security concern in the mediterranean

By: Hamzawi, Juwaydah. Algerian Review of Security and Developement. Vol. 10, no. 3 (Jul. 2021), pp.1175-1185, 11 p.

Subjects: Cognitive Anxiety; Europe; Illegal immigrants; Mediterranean Sea

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Algeria and its geo-political dimension in American maneuvers during the second world war (1940-1942)‎

By: Hidougui, Rashid; Masud, Sayyid Ali Ahmad. The Algerian Historical Journal. Vol. 5, no. 1 (2021), pp.794-808, 15 p.

Subjects: Algeria; Geopolitics; Military maneuvers; United States; World War II

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The North Korean political regime between post-totalitarianism and sultanism

By: Hammur, Asya. Cahiers de Politique et de Droit. Vol. 13, no. 1 (2021), pp.584-596, 13 p.

Subjects: Civil society; North Korea; Political power; Political systems; Systems of government

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Adapting state capitalism to compensate for shortcomings of private sector in Iraq

By: Abd al-Razzaq, Mustafa Husayn. Ishraqat Tanmawya. No. 27 (Jun. 2021), pp.49-77, 29 p.

Subjects: Capitalism; Iraq; Public sector

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Notion de la paix dans la philosophie politique

By: Riahi, Rashidah Muhammadi. At-Tadwin Review. Vol. 13, no. 1 (2021), pp.308-326, 19 p.

Subjects: Political Philosophy

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Women's participation in political life in the Arab states

By: Qatawi, Amal; Hajah, Wafi. Revue D’études Juridiques et économique. Vol. 4, no. 2 (Jun. 2021), pp.657-673, 17 p.

Subjects: Arab World; Political life; Political participation; Woman

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Bill Cain's 9 circles : a study of the veiled truth of US-Iraq war

By: al-Budayri, Mithal Madlul Jallab. Journal of University of Babylon for Humanities. Vol. 29, no. 1 (2021), pp.139-149, 11 p.

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The dark underside of 9 11 in ken kalfus's a disorder peculiar to the country (2007)‎

By: Thanun, Iman Suud; Fajr, Azhar Nuri. Al-Ustath Journal for Human and Social Sciences. Vol. 59, no. 4 (Dec. 2020), pp.63-74, 12 p.

Subjects: A Disorder Peculiar to the Country / Ken Kalfus's; Novels; September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001; United States

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A critical discourse analysis of manipulative ideological discursive strategies in Boris Johnson's speech on Brexit Riyadh Tariq Kadhim, Sa‟id Abdulwahab Jawad.

By: Kazim, Riyad Tariq; Jawad, Said Abd al-Wahhab. Journal of Human Sciences. Vol. 27, no. 3 (Sep. 2020), 16 p.

Subjects: Critical discourse; Discourse analysis; European Union; Great Britain; Political discourse

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La diplomatie économique marocaine en Afrique

By: Dabnishi, Yunus; al-Miskini, al-Sayyid. al-Manara Pour les Études Juridiques et Administratives. No. 32 (Sep. / Dec. 2020), pp.3-20, 18 p.

Subjects: Africa; Diplomacy; Economic relations; Morocco

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The main causes of the rise of Political Islam

By: Majid, Aram Ali. lark Journal for Philosophy, linguistics and Social Sciences. No. 38 (Jul. 2020), pp.549-571, 23 p.

Subjects: Political Islam

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The Black Panthers and Palestine

By: Bishop, elizabeth. Revue Rawafid : des Etudes et Recherche Scientifiques en Sciences Sociales et Humaines. Vol. 4, no. 1 (Jun. 2020), pp.369-383, 15 p.

Subjects: Fatah (Palestine); Palestine; Political movements

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Les manifestations de 17 Octobre 1961 : lectures médiatico- politique Française

By: Zarqawi, Nur al-Din. The Algerian Historical Journal. Vol. 4, no. 1 (Jun. 2020), pp.276-293, 18 p.

Subjects: Algeria; Demonstrations; France; media

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Exploring the Algerian novel-the colonial legacy-the post-colonial discourse nexus : themes and languages

By: Bu Dirsah, Hamzah; Bu Ghararh, al-Khamisi. Revue Sciences Humaines. Vol. 31, no. 2 (Jun. 2020), pp.583-595, 13 p.

Subjects: Algerian Novelists; Algerian novel; Colonial legacy; Cultural aspects; Literary works

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The Syrian conflict : a reading on the regional dimensions and implications

By: Laarid, Hocine; Hamdouche, Riad. Revue Sciences Humaines. Vol. 31, no. 1 (Jun. 2020), pp.549-558, 10 p.

Subjects: Conflicts; Political attitudes; Political development; Regional powers; Syria

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Strategy of using cyberspace in international armed conflicts

By: Hasan, Azhar Abd Allah. Journal of International Studies. No. 80 (2020), pp.47-75, 29 p.

Subjects: Armed conflicts; Electronic Security; International conflicts

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The requirement of the national democratic project in Iraq post Daesh terrorist group Stage

By: Umran, Umar Jumah. Political Science. No. 59 (2020), pp.55-84, 30 p.

Subjects: Iraqi people; Islamic state; Military intervention against daish; Rule of law; Terrorist movements

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Idealism and realism in international relations : a dichotomy of failure

By: al-Shudayfat, Shadi Adnan. Journal of Law. Vol. 17, no. 1 (2020), pp.358-398, 41 p.

Subjects: Authority; Failure; Idealism; International relations; Peaceful coexistence

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A survey on analysis terrorist networks with complex networks

By: al-Shahri, Hayfa Abd al-Rahman. The Arab Journal of Arts and Humanities. Vol. 4, no. 12 (Apr. 2020), pp.395-401, 7 p.

Subjects: Network analysis; Researchers; Terrorist attacks

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Jimmy Carter and human rights : a sceptical view Iran : case study

By: Millak, Hamzah. Journal of Arabic Language Sciences and Literature. Vol. 12, no. 1 (Mar. 2020), pp.402-424, 23 p.

Subjects: Cold War; Human rights; Iran; Islamic revolution of Iran, 1979

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The nature of Syrian conflict and the un special envoy Lakhdar brahimi’s mediation efforts 2012-2014 :

By: al-Mumani, Hasan Muhammad Husayn; al-Rabadi, Murad. Jordan Journal of Law and Political Sciences. Vol. 12, no. 1 (2020), pp.31-56, 26 p.

Subjects: Conflicts; Syria; Syrian Revolution, 2011-; United Nations

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Geopolitical rational of Jordan's partnership with NATO : a Jordanian perspective

By: al-Mumani, Hasan Muhammad Husayn. Jordan Journal of Law and Political Sciences. Vol. 12, no. 1 (2020), pp.57-79, 23 p.

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Racism and manipulation in non-standard narratives : a CDA-based study of the Jerusalem post’s letters to the editor

By: al-Astal, Muhammad. IUG Journal of Humanities Research. Vol. 28, no. 1 (Jan. 2020), pp.19-34, 16 p.

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Identity in the discourse of Condoleezza Riceon Iraq after 2003

By: Faris, Ali Abd al-Hamid; Yaqub, Husayn Abd al-Karim. Journal of Basrah Researches : Humanities. Vol. 45, no. 1 (Jan. 2020), pp.32-62, 31 p.

Subjects: Iraq; Political conditions; Political discourse; Rice, Condoleezza, 1954-; political leaders

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A critical discourse analysis of the reconstructed national identities in selected Scottish and British political speeches with reference to the Scottish referendum

By: Husayn, Sarah Ali; al-Husayni, Hashim Ulaywi Muhammad. lark Journal for Philosophy, linguistics and Social Sciences. No. 36 (Jan. 2020), pp.258-270, 13 p.

Subjects: Critical Discourse Analysis(CDA); Discourse analysis; Great Britain; National identity; Political discourse

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Les communautés économiques régionales et le maintien de la paix en Afrique

By: Charrat, Sarah. al-Manara Pour les Études Juridiques et Administratives. Special issue (Jan. 2020), pp.16-32, 17 p.

Subjects: Africa; Peacekeeping operations

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La courtoisie internationale des tribunaux québécois

By: Yasini, Kamal. al-Manara Pour les Études Juridiques et Administratives. Special issue (Jan. 2020), pp.50-74, 25 p.

Subjects: International relations

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Le contrôle de légalité sur les actes des collectivités territoriales : quel mode de gouvernance ?

By: Lhammadi, Abd al-Jalil; Azuzi, Muhammad. al-Manara Pour les Études Juridiques et Administratives. Special issue (2019), pp.109-127, 19 p.

Subjects: Hegemony; Law; Local authorities; Local governments; Morocco

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La guerre économique du pétrole et de gaz Liban Israël

By: Shanuf, Suhaib; Dayf Allah, Muhammad al-Hadi; Lubaydi, Mahawat. Revue ds Sciences Humaines. Vol. 6, no. 2 (Dec. 2019), pp.873-888, 16 p.

Subjects: Gas; Israel; Lebanon; Petroleum; Political aspects

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The Sino-Arab political relations during the T’ang Dynasty (618-907 AD)‎

By: Shaban, Iman; Sharifi, Ahmad. AlNaciriya, Revue des Recherches Sociologiques et Historiques. Vol. 10, no. 2 (Dec. 2019), pp.863-883, 21 p.

Subjects: 10th. Century; Arab World; China; International relations

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La gouvernance territoriale dans le cadre de la régionalisation avancée

By: Lhammadi, Abd al-Jalil; Talibi, Kawthar. al-Manara Pour les Études Juridiques et Administratives. No. 28 (Sep. / Dec. 2019), pp.53-60, 8 p.

Subjects: Law; Local governments; Morocco; Political aspects

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La nouvelle approche de coopération du Maroc avec l'Afrique

By: al-Kadi, Latifah. al-Manara Pour les Études Juridiques et Administratives. No. 28 (Sep. / Dec. 2019), pp.87-101, 15 p.

Subjects: 20th. century; 21st. century; Africa; International relations; Morocco

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The Somaliland-Somalia talks in 2012-2015 : a critical appraisal

By: Muhammad, Muhammad Muhammad. Somali Studies. Vol. 4 (2019), pp.11-39, 29 p.

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The roles and functions of Somalia’s upper house : shared duties and exclusive responsibilities

By: Ali, Dahir Muhammad. Somali Studies. Vol. 4 (2019), pp.39-53, 15 p.

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Turkey’s engagement in Somalia : a security perspective

By: Abd Allah, Abd al-Karim Yusuf; Gurpinar, Bulut. Somali Studies. Vol. 4 (2019), pp.53-72, 20 p.

Subjects: Foreign Policy; Somalia; Turkey

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Europe in Palestinian eyes : Palestinian media representation of the European union’s (EU)‎ role during the 2014 war on Gaza

By: Amir, Muhammad Mushir Abd al-Aziz. Journal of the Arab American University. Vol. 5, no. 2 (Dec. 2019), pp.1-31, 31 p.

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Les finances dans la wilaya III durant la guerre d'Algérie

By: Ayt Middur, Mahmud. The Algerian Historical Journal. Vol. 3, no. 2 (Dec. 2019), pp.283-296, 14 p.

Subjects: Algeria; Algerian Revolution, 1954-1962; Finance

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Projets de résolutions et résolutions sur la question algérienne aux nations unies : 1955-1962

By: Karlil, Abd al-Qadir. Dafatir el Bohothe el Ilmiya. Vol. 7, no. 2 (2019), pp.84-108, 25 p.

Subjects: Algeria; Decisions; Enterprises; Questions; United States

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Women's activism in Algeria : the case of kheira-leila tayeb, eliette loup, and rose serrano in the Algerian liberation struggle (1954-1962)‎

By: Meberbeche Sanusi, Fayizah. Pensée Méditerranéenne. Vol. 8, no. 2 (2019), pp.142-149, 8 p.

Subjects: Algeria; Popular Resistance; Woman

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L'argumentation et l'analyse du discours politique Français dans les débats présidentiels : le cas du débat présidentiel de l'entre-deux-tours de 2012

By: Talbi, Shikh. Revue des Lettres et Sciences Sociales. Vol. 16, no. 4 (2019), pp.218-232, 15 p.

Subjects: Discourse analysis; French language; Political discourse

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Identity and the politics of threat : the case of Jordan and Israel

By: al-Barari, Hasan Abd al-Mahdi; al-Qarallah, Amir Salamah. Jordan Journal of Law and Political Sciences. Vol. 11, no. 4 (2019), pp.33-60, 28 p.

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A study of MIRIAM COOKE'S works in outstanding Islamic feminism

By: Atiyyah, Azhar Suhayl; Husayn, Muhammad Ali. Journal of Basrah Researches : Humanities. Vol. 44, no. 4C (2019), pp.1-11, 11 p.

Subjects: Arab communities; Islamic communities; Muslim woman; Women's Studies; Women’s liberation movement

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The tales of the war : reporting from the battlefield in Iraq

By: al-Hajjaj, Janan Fadl Bryu. Journal of Basrah Researches : Humanities. Vol. 44, no. 4C (2019), pp.12-25, 14 p.

Subjects: American writers; Arabic fiction; Iraq; Tales of war

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Hungary and the Arab-Israeli War of 1967

By: Nagy, J. Laszlo; al-Najjar, Abd Allah Abd al-Ati. Historical Kan Periodical. Vol. 12, no. 46 (Dec. 2019), pp.223-233, 11 p.

Subjects: Arab nation; Arab politicians; Israeli wars; political leaders

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The role of Islamic law in settling contemporary international disputes

By: Bu Samahah, Nasr al-Din. Revue Droit, Société et Pouvoir. Vol. 8, no. 2 (2019), pp.165-178, 14 p.

Subjects: International conflicts; International law; Islamic law

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L'empreinte à crusoé de patrick chamoiseau : de l'empreinte sur la plage à l'empreinte sur la page

By: Ouahab, Shahrazad; Bin Salim, Abd al-Karim. Dialogue Méditerranéen. Vol. 10, no. 3 (Dec. 2019), pp.52-59, 8 p.

Subjects: literature

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Remarks on external factors in democratic transition

By: Bisharah, Azmi. AlMuntaqa. Vol. 2, no. 2 (Oct. / Nov. 2019), pp.40-60, 21 p.

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