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Le mythe de Persée dans les textes grecs archaïques et classiques

By: Germain, Cedric. Annales du Patrimoine. No. 19 (2019), pp.49-67, 19 p.

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Le théâtre filmé de Sidiki Bakaba en tant que patrimoine culturel

By: Losseni, Fanny. Annales du Patrimoine. No. 19 (2019), pp.87-101, 15 p.

Journal Articles

Approche analytique des pensées de l’empereur Marc-Aurèle

By: Siadah, Salimah. Annales du Patrimoine. No. 19 (2019), pp.175-193, 19 p.

Subjects: Ideas; Philosophy

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Analyse paratopique comparative des discours littéraires : ”des rêvent et des assassins” de Malia Mokaddem et ”Aquoi rêvent les loups” de Yasmina Khadra

By: Arishah, Farid; Bin Ali, Hasibah. Études et Recherches. Vol. 11, no. 1 (Mar. 2019), pp.1-19, 19 p.

Subjects: Algeria; Comparative literature; Literary discourse analysis; Violence

Journal Articles

La dimension symbolique du suicide de la femme dans les œuvres de Nourredine Saadi

By: Laidi, Siham. Revue des lettres et des langues. No. 9 (Dec. 2018), pp.348-358, 11 p.

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Les documents authentiques en classe de FLE : vers une visée linguistico-culturelle

By: Dukhiyah, Munir. Revue des lettres et des langues. No. 9 (Dec. 2018), pp.360-375, 16 p.

Journal Articles

A study of the translation assessment of the qur'anic word "Hikma" into English

By: Ibrahim, Ibrahim Talat. Midad al-Adab Magazine. No. 15 (2018), pp.591-607, 17 p.

Subjects: Quran

Journal Articles

Religious symbolism in Islamic art

By: Abu Amar, Ibrahim M. O.. Oussour al-Jadida. Vol. 7, no. 27 (Jun. / Oct. 2017 / 2018), pp.288-299, 12 p.

Journal Articles

Graffiti : writing the backstreet story across urban space in Don DeLillo’s underworld (1997)‎

By: Mordjana, Haddad. Revue ds Sciences Humaines. No. 9 (Jun. 2018), pp.159-171, 13 p.

Journal Articles

Fonctions du texte littéraire dans l’enseignementapprentissage du FLE : de la littératie à la compétence linguistico-culturelle

By: Muammar, Ahmadi Salim; Duraydi, Muhammad. al-Athar. No. 30 (Jun. 2018), pp.57-68, 12 p.

Journal Articles

Racial passing and class mobility in Philip Roth's the human stain and Zoë wicomb’s playing in the light

By: Bu Rahlah, Jallul; Mawi, Husayni. al-Athar. No. 30 (Jun. 2018), pp.131-138, 8 p.

Journal Articles

La dimension historique dans le vécu d’une figure mythique : Catherine II

By: Maush, Amin. Revue Sciences Humaines. Vol. B, no. 49 (Jun. 2018), pp.7-27, 21 p.

Journal Articles

Paris la belle époque chez Colette : les indices significatifs

By: Labid, Yasminah. Revue Sciences Humaines. Vol. B, no. 49 (Jun. 2018), pp.53-68, 16 p.

Journal Articles

Sociolinguistics in Mark Twain’s the adventure of Huckleberry Finn

By: Jari, Haydar Kazim. al-Utroha. Vol. 3, no. 9 Humanities; Social Science (2018), pp.93-122, 30 p.

Journal Articles

Beckett’s power-full signifiers : the semiotics of power in Beckett’s catastrophe

By: Bisbas, Khalid Muhammad. University of Sharjah Journal for Humanities and Social Sciences. Vol. 15, no. 1 (Jun. 2018), pp.63-85, 23 p.

Journal Articles

An exploration of Oikospoetics in Oorkuval (The Vigil)‎: a Malayalam Novel of Sara Joseph

By: Husayn, Ilham Husayn Abd Allah. Philology : Literature and Linguistics Series. No. 70 (Jun. 2018), pp.63-90, 28 p.

Journal Articles

Applying norman fairclough's model on J. K. rowling's harry potter and the sorcerer's stone : feminism and critical discourse analysis (cda)‎ in children's world literature

By: Ahmad, Khattab Muhammad; Ibrahim, Wasan Hashim. Midad al-Adab Magazine. No. 14 (2018), pp.659-680, 22 p.

Subjects: Compact Disc; Critical analysis; Critical discourse; Discourse analysis; Social problems

Journal Articles

Realism in f. scott. fitzgerald's this side of paradise and the great gatsby F. scott fitzgerald's unique literary and writing style

By: Khalil, Abd al-Rahman Sulayman. Midad al-Adab Magazine. No. 14 (2018), pp.681-706, 26 p.

Subjects: American Dream; American literature; Technological innovations

Journal Articles

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte : a critical study in concreteness

By: al-Mahdi, Iman Abd Allah. Alandalus Journal for Humanities and Social Sciences. Vol. 17, no. 17 (Jan. / Mar. 2018), pp.5-13, 9 p.

Journal Articles

Factors roles in communication and effective teaching for the fourth year students in modern British and American novel lesson classes and their impacts on students' motivation

By: al-Banna, Juan Abd Allah Ibrahim. Al-Ustath Journal for Human and Social Sciences. Vol. 1, no. 224 (2018), pp.19-42, 24 p.

Subjects: Educational technology; Effective teaching; Linguistic text; Plot (Literature); Teaching methods

Journal Articles

L'analyse des personnages dans en attendant godot de Samuel Beckett

By: Yasin, Samir Abd al-Wahid; Hammud, Muhammad Yasir. al-Mustansiriya Journal of Arts. No. 81 (2018), pp.1-26, 26 p.

Journal Articles

Interconnectivity between the woman writer's novels and her autobiography : Nawal al-Sa'dawi as a sample

By: Bisharah, Hanan. Journal of Averroes University in Holland. No. 26 (Jan. 2018), pp.2-56, 55 p.

Journal Articles

La gestion du plurilinguisme et de la triglossie dans : le paysage sociolinguistique alGérien

By: Duraydi, Muhammad. Dakira. No. 10 (Jan. 2018), pp.19-29, 11 p.

Journal Articles

The logical structure of hybridity in American ethnic fiction

By: Bin Adil, Djamil; Mawlay Tahir, Saidah. Dakira. No. 10 (Jan. 2018), pp.8-19, 12 p.

Journal Articles

Words in contact : Arabic-Chaouia contact, ethnic identity, and lexical change in the Aurès

By: Miljani, Harun. Revue ds Sciences Humaines. No. 8 (Dec. 2017), pp.22-36, 15 p.

Journal Articles

Assessment criteria in EFL writing skills

By: Warraq, Imad Mawlud. Journal of Libyan Studies :. Vol. 7, no. 13 (Dec. 2017), pp.219-249, 31 p.

Journal Articles

The search for one’s own voice in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their eyes were watching god

By: Kaced, Asya. Afkar wa Affak. No. 10 (2017), pp.106-117, 12 p.

Journal Articles

Critical analysis of a Mundari folktale

By: Dayf Allah, Muawiyah Muhammad. Majallat Ādāb al-Nīlayn. Vol. 2, no. 4 (2017), pp.1-17, 17 p.

Journal Articles

Representation of terrorism in Khaled Hosseini's the kite runner

By: Ali, Rida Dhannun; Muhsin, Athir Jabbar. Adab al-Basrah. No. 82 (Dec. 2017), pp.1-26, 26 p.

Journal Articles

Advertisement and gender : a critical discourse analysis

By: Khanfar, Adil Malik. Adab al-Basrah. No. 82 (Dec. 2017), pp.27-58, 32 p.

Journal Articles

History fictionalized and history dramatized in Vidal’s empire and Flanagan’s the end of the hunt

By: Qasim, Fatimah Ilyas Husayn. Journal of King Abdulaziz University : Arts and Humanities. Vol. 25, no. 2 (2017), pp.261-270, 10 p.

Journal Articles

From persuasion to salvation : the power of women’s discourse in the Arabian Nights and Handbook for William

By: Balfas, Abd al-Muin Bin Hasan. Journal of King Abdulaziz University : Arts and Humanities. Vol. 25, no. 2 (2017), pp.291-309, 19 p.

Journal Articles

Stream of consciousness technique : psychological perspectives and use in modern novel

By: al-Khafaji, Wiam Majid; Ithna Ashari, Sajidah. Journal of the College of Education for Women. Vol. 28, no. 5 (2017), pp.1424-1431, 8 p.

Journal Articles

Tagmemic analysis of English and Arabic praise poetry : a contrastive study

By: Hasan, Nagham Ali. Journal of the College of Education for Women. Vol. 28, no. 5 (2017), pp.1432-1448, 17 p.

Journal Articles

Time and Immortality in William Shakespeare’s sonnets

By: Bellour, Layla. Makalid. No. 13 (Dec. 2017), pp.175-180, 6 p.

Journal Articles

Educational psychology : from theory to practice in higher education

By: Lamubark, Samir Sayyah. Makalid. No. 13 (Dec. 2017), pp.181-184, 4 p.

Journal Articles

The critical period hypothesisin second language acquisition

By: Abu Shnin, Ahmad. al-Adab Journal. No. 123 (Dec. 2017), pp.1-12, 12 p.

Journal Articles

A voice to voiceless : a study in David hare's verbatim play the permanent way

By: Hamid, Salih Mahdi; al-Kurwi, Hind Ahmad. al-Adab Journal. No. 123 (Dec. 2017), pp.23-44, 22 p.

Arab Theses

A comparative study of English and Arabic war poetry : a study of selected poems by Owen, Kipling and Abdel Rahim Mahmoud

By: Yunus, Ghufran Muhammad Khayr. Master; Middle East University; 2017

Subjects: Arabic poetry; English poetry; War

Journal Articles

Act of survival : the revision of Bronte's Jane Eyre in Jean Rhys’ wide Sargasso sea

By: Abd al-Aziz, al-Abd Allah. Arab Journal for the Humanities. Vol. 35, no. 137 (Dec. 2017), pp.317-333, 17 p.

Journal Articles
Journal Articles

The religious perspectives in graham greene's the power and the glory

By: Rashif, Jala Hatim. Midad al-Adab Magazine. No. 13 (2017), pp.585-599, 15 p.

Journal Articles

Shifts in translating T.S. eliot's the wasteland into Arabic

By: Yahya, Salim; Adib, Ruqayah. Midad al-Adab Magazine. No. 13 (2017), pp.601-638, 38 p.

Journal Articles

Rational and irrational emancipation of women in community : a critical analysis of Toni Morrison's Sula

By: Abd al-Baqi, Muhammad Sabbar. Midad al-Adab Magazine. No. 13 (2017), pp.639-658, 20 p.

Journal Articles

Allegory in thornton wilder's the skin of our teeth

By: Ali, Suad Husayn. Midad al-Adab Magazine. No. 13 (2017), pp.659-679, 21 p.

Journal Articles

The study of the assessment of the Qur'anic word Ghurfa into English

By: Ibrahim, Ibrahim Talat. Midad al-Adab Magazine. No. 13 (2017), pp.681-699, 19 p.

Journal Articles

Daech : usage et conditions de production d’une dénomination en Algérie

By: Hamidi, Djamel. Al-Omda en Linguistique et Analyse du Discours. No. 2 (Nov. 2017), pp.1-7, 7 p.

Journal Articles

Students’ perceptions of their native and non-native teachers’ effect on their oral fluency : EFL context as an example

By: Said, Muhammad H.; al-Jamal, Dina Abd al-Hamid Salih. Al-Omda en Linguistique et Analyse du Discours. No. 2 (Nov. 2017), pp.8-28, 21 p.

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